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Project Description
Admin console tool for managing ML FACE API.
HTML based CRUD tool for faces, persons, and PersonGroups.

**Admin Console for Project Oxford ML AI Face APIs **

This project was created as an open source solution to gain momentum on creating a user admin tool for creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting (CRUD) Oxford Face API artifacts.
  • Face, Faces[], guids,
  • Person, Persons[], related data (FaceIds[] & personGroupId)
  • PersonGroups and related Persons[]
  • training of identifier engine.

We are starting with a simple HTML model using javascript (a little jquery) and rapid development for sake of time and capabilities. See the API reference for specifics.


Edit the file keys.json
   "subscriptionkey": "",  // ENTER SUBSCRIPTION KEY
   "groupid": ""           // ENTER GROUP ID

  • This is a work in progress. There is still more items to add as we go along.

An initial Group ID is not required in the keys.json file, the current version includes group selection within the application.


This is NOT secure, don't assume cause we moved the sub key and setup data to the server side that this is secure. Run it only on localhost for simple self administration.

* if you choose to run it public, notice at your own risk, license warranty etc, but please for the Sake of your own self respect, please enable server side authN & authZ for the keys.json file!!!* At the very least.

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